Just war assignment

The instructor should encourage students, especially those planning a legal career, to accept a role at odds with their personal convictions.

Romm and Mahler argue that simulation and role-playing are especially educational as "valuing can be achieved when students actually play a character. Peer review and pilot tests indicate the exercise may not be suitable for less advanced students and instructors in other subject areas.

In the same way that U. Once students receive prompt feedback during class, the instructor will then have less need to write comments on the papers submitted for credit. Moreover the intervention supports the "purposes and principles" of the U.

Here are four possible simulations. This essay assignment should be considered as both an exercise in philosophical argumentation as well as an exercise in clear writing style.

arguments for just war

The case can be used as an outside assignment with or without class discussion, for in-class simulation, and for a text chat or video conference between students at different universities.

The final assignment is to write a three-part essay of up to 1, words before reviewing the model answer provided online--a two part word legal analysis. Some students eagerly self identify as liberal or conservative, idealist or realist.

Whether or not they ultimately modify deeply held personal beliefs, the exercise can provide fresh information and the ability to rebut an adversary. If those categories do not fit, is there an alternative classification that better explains the division among students and in U.

Important Note: While reading supplementary articles is acceptable, even encouraged, for learning more about the subject matter, the essay must be written "in your own words" to receive credit.

The teaching objectives include basic lessons drawn from current theories of international relations, U.

facts about the just war theory
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Just War Theory and the Wars of the 20th Century